Admission Procedures

For General

  • The Admission shall be done through OPD, Emergency or through referrals.
  • The patients would be admitted only for the services, which are available with the Hospital.
  • Only the consultants attached with the hospital are authorized to admit the case.
  • Patient and family shall be explained about the reasons for admission.
  • The front desk executive explains about the categories of bed available and make the admission in desired categories
  • The general consent is taken for admission and an unique IP No is given to each patient.
  • The ward boy shifts the patient with his case sheet to respective ward In case of unidentified patient’s the patient shall be admitted if necessary and information is given to near by police station.
  • If the services are not available with the hospital, the emergency care must be provided to all the patients coming in critical condition (emergency). Only after being stabilized, the patient should be transferred to any other medical facility.


MAH has a separate insurance department with established speed-processing protocols and a trained and dedicated staff for hassle-free cashless service. Dedicated lounge and helpline Desk is established for the same.MAH Insurance Desk will provide services in facilitating cashless payment of hospital bills. The patient can contact our Insurance Desk to facilitate authorization of its cashless treatment. Patients will be given cashless treatment to the extent of the amount that is approved in the authorization forms by the Third Party Administrator (TPA) subject to terms and conditions of med claim policy.

Documents required for TPA :
  • Photo ID proof of patient.
  • Mediclaim card or photocopy of policy.
  • Prescription of Doctor for admission.
  • Respective TPA form, dully filled by Doctor (Clinical details).

* All above said documents to be submitted to Mediclaim Desk located at Ground Floor within 24 hours of admission in hospital to be faxed to respective TPA, after which late intimation clause can deny cashless facility from the respective TPA. It take 3- 4 hrs (minimum) for final approval to come after final bill & final discharge summary faxed. Kindly bear with us.

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