Radiology is the medical discipline that uses medical imaging to diagnose diseases and guide their treatment, within the bodies of humans and other animals.

Radiologists are doctors who diagnose and treat patients using image-guided, minimally invasive techniques such as X-rays and CT Scan. They carefully guide instruments through tiny incisions in the body, reaching the source of a medical problem and delivering targeted treatments. These treatments are for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and uterine fibroids, offering less risk, pain and recovery time compared to traditional surgery.

Highly trained radiologists are doctors who prescribe and oversee each cancer patient's treatment plan. They use radiation therapy to treat cancer, and they monitor the patient's progress and adjust treatment to make sure patients receive appropriate quality care. Radiation oncologists receive extensive training in cancer medicine, in the safe use of radiation to treat disease, and in managing any side effects caused by radiation.

Radio diagnosis is the key to investigate protocol of patient care and management.

The department has the advanced whole body MDCT scanner which is a unique addition to investigate modality and is essential in head injuries, various neurological, abdominal and respiratory disorders and in spinal and other orthopedic disease.

Spiral CT scan facility in the hospital is an asset to the department of neurosurgery. This allows us the speed and accuracy we need to quickly diagnose a variety of conditions for emergency and non emergency patients of all ages.

Ultrasound: We have top of the line 3D/4D ultrasound color Doppler machines for the preventive and diagnostive examination. Recently we have added Elastography and ARFI for the differentiation of various space occupying lesions and diagnose early cirrhosis from fatty liver.

We are services provide

    Computed Tomography (CT Scan):
    World class Siemens CT scanner with latest software including CT angiography.

    ULTRASOUND  S2000:
    High End Ultrasound machine with latest technology of Siemens Germany. HD/2D Images Quality with Painless Transducer. Whole body shear wave Elastography  (ARFI). High Quality 4D images

    Latest color Doppler Ultrasound machine from Siemens Germany. High quality 2D and Color Doppler Images with Convex transducer. Multi frequency linear probe for better Peripheral Vascular Doppler Images. High quality Endocavity transducer

    X-Ray Fluoroscopy:
    Latest digital X-RAY machine having frequency 600 mA Siemens Germany. 600 mA X-RAY machine with Fluoroscopy and Radiography All special as well as routine cases performed i.e. IVP, HSG, Follow through, Barium meal, RGU,MCU Sinogram. Multiple Images with Single Cassette. Short Exposure duration.

Our Radiology Experts

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Dr. Kabir Gupta
Department Of Radiology

Dr. Kabir Gupta

MBBS, MD (Radio Diagnosis/ Radiology
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